Dear Buccaneer Motor Sports Club

Thank you for writing about the Blackburn Aircraft Motor Club’s (Aka Buccaneer Motor Sports Club) 80th ANNIVERSARY. Brough Aerodrome ...... wow that takes me back!

Looking through all my notes, books and records, I can tell you that the date of the event was 4th July 1948 and I did indeed drive a Cooper JAP 500 MK11.

My father and I took the Cooper up to Brough by train and the railway authorities insisted that it could only travel if the fuel tanks were emptied. This we did but it meant that Dad and I had to rush around buying several containers for the fuel. We appear to have travelled with these containers, full of petrol, in the train’s passenger compartment which, looking back was probably more dangerous!

It was a wet day and, as the new boy, I was very pleased when I succeeded in my first heat. In the final the rain got worse but I had led throughout the race and scored my second win of the day. My third race that day was an eight-lap handicap, which had been added to the day’s programme as an extra race. I am proud to say I won’t that one too, and my total prize money for the day amounted to £13.00!

These three races that day at Brough constituted the 9th, 10th and 11th races of my career, so it was a very early important chapter in the vocation I was fortunate to enjoy over the next 14 year.

I wish Buccaneer Motor Sports Club a very happy 80th celebration and may your members long continue to enjoy our wonderful sport.


Sir Stirling Moss

Our club

Buccaneer Motor Sports Club (BMSC) is a small but very active club. Whilst predominantly rallying orientated we also compete in stage rally and test events. We support stage rallying events such as Pirelli, Roger Albert Clark, Isle of Man National, Malton Forest Stages, DMACK Stages and WRGB The Power Stage.

We have a highly trained team comprising of; Stage Commanders, Deputy Stage Commanders, Event & Spectator Safety Officers, Timing Specialists, Radio Marshals, In-stage Marshals. Chief Marshals, Rescue and Recovery. 

MSA registered Seniors Officials, Rescue Specialist, Recovery Specialist, Radio Controllers, Clerk of Course, MSA Representative on MSA Council, MSA Time Keeper.

Call Sign – Buccaneer

Affiliated Association – Association of North West Car Clubs [ANWCC]

We enjoy an annual Christmas event with awards for Marshal of the year, cadet marshal of the year and of course a mugs merit.

Origins of club

The Blackburn Aircraft Motor Club was the initial incarnation of the Buccaneer Motor Sports Club which can be traced back to October 1936.
The first newspaper report was as follows: -
"The Blackburn Aircraft Motor Club a newly-formed sports section of the Blackburn Welfare Society of Brough held their first reliability trail yesterday. An entry of 30 received, an excellent figure for a new club.
Rain had saturated the course, but the standard of driving was high and no accident or breakdowns were reported. The competition ended with tea at the Bell Hotel, Driffield."