BUCCANEER Motor Sports Club Established October 1936

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Chairmans Corner

Welcome to the Buccaneer Motor Sport Club website. 

For some people, the internet can be the first introduction to a sport or an organisation.

In our Club's 80th year, we are looking to review how we get the message out about the good work being carried out by the many members of BMSC.

We will be posting more information on the activities of BMSC and how we will grow the club for the next 80 years.

In 2016
We have unertaken 15 different roles on events and that doesnt include competing 
We have provided 68 radio marshal roles on events
We have provided 55 timing marshal roles on events 
Our most prolific marshal has given 530 hours to motorsport in 2016
We have attended 22 multi venue events 
We have attended 11 single venue events
We have attended 12 circuit events and 12 test events 
We have attended 450 hours of training 
We have provided 4090 hours of voluntary service to motorsport in 2016